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Founded in 1984"
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In August of 1984 Steve Van Der Toorn and his wife LuAnne opened Dependable Pallet. In its early years, Dependable Pallet was a Used Pallet Repair Service. Through hard work and commitment to quality and service, the company grew and soon secured most of the Used Pallet Repair business in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Within a few years, the company expanded its services to include Buying, Selling, and Refurbishing pallets.

Two years later, they developed a market niche by expanding to build New Pallets. They discussed the customer’s needs and helped design the best size and configuration for the customer. This opened new markets for the company and the opportunity to hire more employees.

During 1990, Dependable Pallet added its own transportation fleet. The company is a Contract Carrier as well as a fully bonded and licensed brokerage. They have late model trucks and experienced drivers. This helped Dependable Pallet maintain their goal of strong customer service from sale through product delivery.

In 1995, Dependable Pallet chose the name Southwest Forest Products, Inc. to better describe the products offered. To combat the rising lumber market fluctuations, Steve researched the logging industry. He developed a use for logs considered too small to be utilized by the existing lumber mills. In May 1998 he installed a Saw Mill.

The milling operations generated wood scrap which also grew with the business. This led Steve on a quest for a green alternative to landfills and he found a demand for “virgin” Mulch. While many competitors add other revenue generating byproducts to their mulch, Southwest Forest Products makes a consistent mulch product from nothing but natural wood and a natural, organic process. Any other additives are at the customer’s option. Additional equipment and land helped produce a compost product that was launched in April of 1999. Since the introduction of their mulch, Southwest Forest Products has been producing several types of Bulk and Packaged Mulch. Again, Southwest Forest Products offered a variety of products based on market needs. They also produce private label brands for high profile manufacturers of landscape materials and special trade blends in bulk products.

In May 2001, Southwest Forest Products began Harvesting Logs in the Northern Arizona forests. Instead of clear cutting the forest the old way, they worked with the USDA to thin the smaller trees to reduce forest fuel for healthy forest management, combat bark beetle damage, and help protect nearby communities from forest fires while still preserving the large trees for the enjoyment of future generations.

During December 2003, Southwest Forest Products launched a new product line, Cut Stock. This supplied customers who wanted to repair their own pallets, as well as other specific size uses.

In 2005 Steve began planning for a second location, more products, and a new service. Products included Tree Boxes for the nursery industry, Mortar Tubs for the construction trade, and other ancillary wood Containers. The second location is the saw mill in Ash Fork where Timbers are also produced. These timbers are available in several grades and sizes to meet the customer’s needs. Heat Treating is a new option for pallets. In keeping with company philosophy, the quality is great and the cost is competitive.

2007 will continue in this established path to offer firewood and other wood fuel products.

Steve and his family continue to position Southwest Forest Products as a leader in the industry by maximizing the organizational services, providing excellent customer service, and expanding product lines. As a result, Southwest Forest Products employs nearly 200 people to manufacture and distribute their products in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, California and also exports to Mexico.

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